Deburring in NX CAM

The Automated Deburring Module elevates your manufacturing quality to a whole new level
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The ADM Software suite

The ADM software suite integrates your manufacturing know-how into your offline programming. The high performance extension enables the fast, reliable and process-secured deburring even in the most demanding workpieces directly on your computer. Time consuming programming on the machine and extensive rework are not a thing of the past. The ADM suite provides the right tool for every requirement:

5 axis simultaneous deburring

Use the ADM5 deburring application for the automated creation of 5 axis deburring operations. The powerful ADM5 solution provides the right tools for almost every application and helps keep your workpieces to optimum quality – directly from the machine.

3 axis deburring operations

The fastest solution for processing on high performance production centers. Collect automatically deburring areas and ADM3+2 will quickly and easily create an optimal production result.

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Our references

  • Seco
  • Leuco


We support you in the reduction of the „Time to market “:
Reduce the processing time of your workpieces. By reducing the waiting time, eliminate post processing, process security and improved quality and helps bring your workpieces to your customers faster and cheaper.


Create deburring operations for your workpieces. With just a few clicks you can get optimal results directly.


The ADM software suite does not require you to customize machines or postprocessors.

Process security

The automated generation of deburring operations provides reproducible results and visibly more quality – for each individual workpiece.

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Functional comparison

Function ADM 5 ADM 3+2
Select tool vector Verfügbar Nicht verfügbar
Lead angle Verfügbar Nicht verfügbar
Start- and Endpoint Verfügbar Verfügbar
Milling direction Verfügbar Verfügbar
Several sentences Verfügbar Verfügbar
Free movement operation Verfügbar Verfügbar
Feed Verfügbar Verfügbar
Rotational speed Verfügbar Verfügbar
Chamfer width Verfügbar Nicht verfügbar
Automatic edge detection Nicht verfügbar Verfügbar
Safety distance Nicht verfügbar Verfügbar

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Frequently Asked Question

Here you will find answers tot he FAQ about our ADM software suite.

  • Is it necessary to customize the ADM suite or one of its components to existing postprocessors?

    No, no customizing is necessary. The ADM software suite cooperates with its existing postprocessors.

  • Does ADM also able to deburr edges that due to design does not allow chamfers?

    Yes, the ADM suite is designed for edges with not chamfer.

  • Does a special tool have to be used or procured for the deburring?

    No, ADM is designed to work with any machine or bevel cutter available on the machine.

  • Will ADM also work with a future NX version?

    The ADM suite is constantly being further developed to keep up with the ever progressing NX system. The most suited ADM versions are provided as part of a software maintenance.

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